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What about this integration of Raptoreum into the game?

First, let me say that this will not be play to earn, that is not what the project is about, that model is not fitting and extremely hard to do right. The integration will progress as Raptoreum releases their features, mainly NFTs and smart contracts. Here is a very loose list that will be added to and changed as we go. – The game client will have a light wallet integrated into it. This will allow players ingame to send P2P, receive from events (server), send and receive externally. You will be able to see balance, transactions, and view other blockchain data from ingame. ***Eventually you will be able to tokenize items right from your game!*** – Salt Coins: Salt coins are a custom ingame currency which can be exchanged for RTM. Salt coins will be obtainable through events, raids, and occasionally drop from mobs. This is not to make money, it is for fun 🙂 There will be donation items available ingame which can be purchased with RTM, nothing that is imbalanced and will give anybody a large advantage. These will be cosmetics, and pets mostly, more on this later. – Smart Contracts: There are so many possibilities here, let your imagination loose and drop your ideas in #giran 🙂

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