No problem at all! One of the reasons SaltyDragon is being built is to educate and teach people about Blockchain and NFTs in a way that is visual, immediate, and easy to retain the information.

Raptoreum Blockchain integrations and functions available in-game will be accompanied by explanations on how it works, you can than try it and see for yourself! There will also be pages on our website which go into further detail.


No, that is not what SaltyDragon is about. The play to earn model in my opinion is not a good and extremely difficult to make successful.

First, let me say that this will not be play to earn, that is not what the project is about, that model is not fitting and extremely hard to do right. The integration will progress as Raptoreum releases their features, mainly NFTs and smart contracts. Here is a very loose list that will be added to and changed as we go. – The game client will have a light wallet integrated into it. This will allow players ingame to send P2P, receive from events (server), send and receive externally. You will be able to see balance, transactions, and view other blockchain data from ingame. ***Eventually you will be able to tokenize items right from your game!*** – Salt Coins: Salt coins are a custom ingame currency which can be exchanged for RTM. Salt coins will be obtainable through events, raids, and occasionally drop from mobs. This is not to make money, it is for fun 🙂 There will be donation items available ingame which can be purchased with RTM, nothing that is imbalanced and will give anybody a large advantage. These will be cosmetics, and pets mostly, more on this later. – Smart Contracts: There are so many possibilities here, let your imagination loose and drop your ideas in #giran 🙂

A long running and extremely popular MMORPG that features some really amazing PVP, mass PVP, PVE, castle seiges, Olympiad (heroes), raids, and epic raids, it really has something for everybody. The server as it progresses also tends to build a very large and thriving economy which has many potential uses for a Blockchain integration with RTM. Do some searches on YouTube for things like “Baium PVP”, “Interlude Castle Seige”, “Interlude Mass PVP”, to see a bit of how it looks like. For more details and guides on Lineage 2 and the Interlude chronicle (which we will be running) specifically check: (general info, drop calc, quests info)

In short; A innovative, secure, and fast Cryptocurrency | Blockchain | NFT platform secured by a mix of decentralized mining (CPU) and Smartnodes (special nodes or servers) which protect the network from attacks such as 51% or double spend. Raptoreum is opening the doors to most of the worlds developers by offering smart contracts in common programming languages, it also allows safe and easy creation of NFTs.

SaltyDragon is a combination of the massively popular Lineage 2 MMORPG (Interlude) and the Raptoreum (RTM) Blockchain.

Server rates will be low rate but yet to be decided. Somewhere between 3x to 5x.

Raptoreum Discord is well known for its “salt” especially on trivia night, Lineage 2 has some pretty epic dragons, what else does a guy need to come up with a name 🙂

This medium article explains things pretty well: